Russia in soccer

Although Russia is not a big soccer country, it should be noted that soccer was very important in the country. However, since the bombing of Ukraine by Russia, the latter is excluded from all kinds of international soccer competitions. We explain everything below.

Russia and the World Cup

Having always been part of the teams participating in the World Cup, the decision of FIFA to exclude it from all international competitions shocks the Russians. Especially since, if you do not remember already, Russia was the last country after hosting the World Cup in 2018, and this is what disgusts Russian fans the most.

However, knowing that Russia is still a country at war at the moment, it also seems that such and such a competition is currently in the mind of the country. However, in order to contest their displeasure with this ban, Russia has launched a legal action against UEFA. However, according to the latest news, although the ban is still in effect, Russia on the other hand, has decided to withdraw its appeal against FIFA and UEFA. But more than that, Russia is even going to help Qatar in the preparation of the next world soccer championship.

Russia in other soccer competitions

Obviously, there is no surprise, Russia is banned from all competitions, internationally, in the field of soccer. For the men's World Cup, it gave up its place to Poland, which took the opportunity to quietly validate its ticket to Doha. Like the men, the Russians are also banned from the women's world of 2023 to be held in Australia, they gave up their places to the Portuguese, whom they had beaten earlier.

On the other hand, fans of the Champion's League, Europa League, or Europa Conference League are also disgusted by this decision. Knowing that it means that their favorite teams will not participate in these events, while they have been preparing for a long time.